EPL illegal live 3 people per day Total 17 years in jail

EPL illegal live 3 people per day Total 17 years in jail


Bb Store Nine, a SNS-based community store based on block chaining, announced on its 21st that it was promoting its own business through DBR (digital advertising) method through Spanish professional football relay broadcasting.

Betsutore Nine was promoted in DBR format on the 19th of `Barcelona vs Real Bartis` game broadcast on 19th following Spanish football game `Real Madrid vs Real Valladolid game` on the 11th. Beginning with this promotion, EPL and Bundesliga will enter the European sports community market, Betsuto Nine said.

BET STORE NINE is the parent company of BHStore EX, an open digital asset exchange, and a global sports community.

According to the British daily newspaper The Independent, on February 20, they are suspected of unlawfully streaming the EPL and receiving £ 5million. 

They run a website called ‘Dreambox‘, ‘Dreambox TV Limited’, ‘Digital Switchover Limited’ for 10 years, broadcast live EPL games unauthorized to over 1,000 pubs, clubs and homes in England and Wales I took it. They showed the precision of inserting logos and watermarks to hide piracy facts.

A British court sentenced Steven King to 7 years and 4 months for leading illegal website operations, and Paul Roulston and Daniel Malone for six years and four months, three years and three months, respectively. It is known as the heaviest punishment for crimes of copyright infringement by the English court.

Kevin Plum, the EPL’s chief legal officer, said the ruling “is evidence that the law punishes and punishes corporations and individuals who infringe copyright,” he said. “It is a violation of copyright infringement,” he said.

Fans should also be aware of this, “he said, emphasizing that service users can not be free from copyright infringement. He also warned that giving personal information to illegal websites could be a victim of fraud or identity theft.

The ruling seems to reflect the UK’s internal punishment for copyright infringement. Especially, EPL is strongly against illegal streaming service. The effort to prevent illegal streaming of soccer relaying is taking place all over the world. For best services you can visit just goto EPL중계.

Earlier this year, the free football streaming website “r / redsoccer” with more than 426,000 subscribers was closed, and in March 2017 the UK High Court granted the EPL a stronger authority to crack down on illegal streaming. FIFA, the International Football Federation (FIFA), has also announced that it will take strong action when a number of channels unauthorizedly broadcast the match during the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

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